Service Logistics

At Insta Specialist, we are proud of our streamlined medical repatriation service provided to our clients. Referrals can be made by calling our 24 hours hotline or through email.

We liaise with the treating physicians or nursing staffs at the institution of where the client is to obtain progress update on a continuous basis. We arrange the itinerary and the transportation involved to ensure cost effective transport without jeopardizing clients’ medical needs. If commercial airline is involved, we liaise with the airline to obtain medical clearance.

​Upon arrival, clients often require ongoing inpatient medical care. Our operating team coordinates with local hospitals in Hong Kong, regardless public or private ones, to ensure our clients receive prompt medical care on arrival.

We are committed to maintain our clients’ confidentiality. Information collected is for internal use only and not to be disclosed to a third party without clients’ approval.

​Contact us for referrals or enquiries.


Call the team 24/7 on +852 2566 6126