• I write to thank you again for taking care of me so well and with such high professional standard.. The toe exercise and the foot cushion are particularly helpful. Thanks also for listening my grumbles to help release frustrations.. My sister and brother are in fact very nice to me. The world is always better if we are supportive of each other. My very best wishes.

    R Rebecca Chiu
  • Dear Ms Sandy, I was discharged from the hospital yesterday (I was not able to get up and get out of bed by myself. There was no one staying at home during the day, therefore I couldn't get out of the hospital). The doctor said I would need to take two months of sick leave. I would like to show my appreciate again that you flew all the way to Hokkaido to take care of me immediately. As soon as I heard that the nurse would come to escort myself to Hong Kong, we were very relieved and feeling grateful. The moment I met you at the hotel, we didn’t feel worried anymore. We just wanted to express how grateful we are. You are like an angel sent from heaven when we were so helpless. I wish you well in your work, health and happiness. I am grateful and will remember it in my heart forever. Patient

    P Patient
  • On behalf of my family, I am writing to express my gratitude to Dr Chu for the professional hep I received last week. It was a great feeling to know that I had someone to rely on when I was alone in foreign land and uncomfortable in the hospital environment. I was particularly grateful for his decision to transfer my sister back to her family at the earliest and making sure of a speedy and smooth process. May I take this opportunity to thank you and your team at INSTA SPECIALIST for all your help and assistance in transporting my sister back to Hong Kong.

    M Margaret Ng Coma in Osaka, Japan

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