【Elderly people quarantine alone in hotels #INSTA – stay hand in hand with you】 

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In this severe wave of the epidemic, not only do many elderly people have been diagnosed with the disease, some elderly people have unfortunately passed away during quarantine at hotels.

The risk of the elderly staying in quarantine hotels alone can not be underestimated, here are some tips on how to reduce the risk as a caregiver of your family.

1️⃣ Prepare regular medication for the elderly during the quarantine period, so as to avoid lack of medication due to changes in epidemic prevention measures.
2️⃣ During the quarantine period, the caregiver could request to live with the elderly who need special care.
3️⃣ Use “Wireless Safety Bell”.
4️⃣ Video call with the elderly everyday in order to understand their physical and mental conditions for medical follow-up.

If the elderly in your home need to conduct a #NucleicAcidTest after quarantine, the INSTA team has set up #testing stations in multiple districts, so that everyone can test faster and more safely. As long as you need it, we will serve you wholeheartedly ??

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